Lenna Parisyan was born and raised in New York City. She spent her early years studying voice and performing in Armenian theatre and talent shows. Her parents had hopes of turning her into an Armenian superstar, but the Kardashians came along and dashed her dreams. Lenna graduated from Queens College, with honors with a degree in Drama and Media Studies. After a couple of years spent traveling and working different jobs, it became clear that there was nothing else she could see herself doing.

Lenna has been steadily working in Commercials, Film/Television and Theatre. Her most notable Film role was "Spent Grace," with Emmy award winning, Peter Troost, Director of Photography. Furthermore, several of the Indie Films she starred in are currently making the festival circuit. Most recently, Lenna had a leading role in the off-off Broadway production of "Corroded" that is receiving critical acclaim. Additionally, she also saw commercial success playing the girlfriend of actor, Raviv Ullman for the T-ink Touchcode mobile app.

Lenna is highly committed to her craft and is always pushing herself to the next level. Since 2012, she has been taking ongoing scene study classes with the legendary, Austin Pendleton, as well as attending actor's workshops.

When she's not acting, Lenna is cooking up deliciously healthy meals for family and friends (food blog will be launched in 2015. Watch out Gwyneth Paltrow!), mastering her Pilates skills, teaching meditation, recording music and volunteering.